Free Do It Yourself (DIY) Ebooks

30 Quick Fixes - diy ebooks
30 Quick Fixes for everyday Disasters

This free ebook is a solve-it-fast guide for home, car and garden diy maintenance. Because sometimes duct tape just isn't enough...

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About Kitchens and Bathrooms - diy ebooks
About Kitchens and Bathrooms

This free diy ebook gives you advice on getting a new kitchen. With the ever changing trends and the home improvement programmes on television its becoming evermore difficult to make a sound choice..

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The Band Saw and Jig Saw - diy ebooks
Uses and Applications of The Band Saw and Jig Saw

The band saw with its ability to cut all manner of curves from heavy lumber to thin plywood has always been one of the most essential machines in the diy workshop...

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Changing Taps - diy ebooks
Changing Taps

Changing taps can give a new lease of life to a bathroom suite or kitchen, and this free ebook makes the diy job a lot easier than it used to be...

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Colour Schemes - diy ebooks
Colour Schemes

Colour is the first thing you notice when you enter a room. It creates mood and atmosphere, and allows you to transform your home quickly and cheaply with stunning results...

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Design & Architecture Handbook - diy ebooks
Design & Architecture Handbook

You may not be familiar with the process of hiring an architect or design professional for a residential or small commercial project. Maybe you know a design professional but are unsure about what she can do for you, or you may not know where to find design professionals and how to select the one who best fits your needs. This free ebook shows you what to do...

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